• IFRS Advisory

Specialists in International Financial Reporting Standards and other areas of accounting advisory and consultancy

At its core, accounting is a tool that enables an organisation to tell its financial story.

For any business or organisation, the accuracy of its financial story is critical to a wide array of stakeholders, including management, auditors, financers, shareholders, potential investors, or even an organisation’s employees.

Accounting is like any other tool. From time-to-time and depending on what you’re up against, you might require extra know-how and precision to get the most accurate results.

This is where BDO’s IFRS Advisory team can step in.

We live and breathe accounting… we see its challenges… and we know how they need to be approached.

We do this by providing specialised support and expertise across a variety of customised service offerings.

Accounting Advisory Services Cheat Sheet

The IFRS Advisory team leverages its extensive commercial and professional experience, and works closely with BDO’s Technical Accounting teams, both in New Zealand and across our global network.

This means the IFRS Advisory team is exceptionally well placed to provide efficient, reliable and high quality services to our clients.

If you feel that these services would be a positive addition to your organisation, contact a BDO adviser today.