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10 October 2019

高階和資深經理人都應該提出的 9 個風險管理問題 9 risk management questions every director and senior executive should ask

10 October 2019

企業評價 What is the value of my business? 

10 October 2019

The common theme to emerge from the 2019 BDO Construction survey is the existence of a two-tier construction sector comprising experienced operators with robust businesses and management practices and fragile businesses with low margins and inexperienced operators.  This fragile group is highly...

09 October 2019

For year ends 31 December 2019 and onwards, the long awaited new accounting standard regarding leases (NZ IFRS 16 Leases) comes into effect. This Cheat Sheet has been produced as a high-level overview of what an entity’s IBR is, how it is applied, and avenues to seek to determine it.

08 October 2019

Cyber security is an important issue and you ignore it at your peril. There’s no absolute guarantee of cyber security but there are some steps you can do to lessen the risk. Read more.

30 September 2019

Understanding how your organisation is performing in comparison to others in your sector can be a valuable and instructive exercise.  The BDO Institute for Nonprofit Excellence recently released their 2019 Nonprofit standards benchmarking report. View the key findings. 

18 September 2019

A short walk in any direction from the centre of town shows that Tauranga is undergoing something of a construction boom.  As these projects near completion it seems an appropriate time to think about how these significant new assets should be recorded in the books.There are some real...

17 September 2019

While most businesses have things that can be discreetly measured there are many intangibles too, from copyright and intellectual property to brands and patents, and many other business assets that can add to a company's value.

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