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23 May 2019

BDO’s Eye on Tax, Iain Craig, shares his predictions on the 2019 Wellbeing Budget. Watch the video to find out more.

22 May 2019

Learn more about how Aider connects the apps you use to run your business. You can now access all your business information in one place on your mobile.

21 May 2019

Cycling is a sport near to hearts not just here at BDO New Zealand. We share some of our cycling stories from around our global network.

15 May 2019

We talked to several clients and industry professionals to gain their experience on what has worked well for their organisation, the challenges facing organisations, opportunities that organisations can be thinking about and taking advantage of, and of course, what impact reporting means to them...

13 May 2019

All board members in the not-for-profit sector need to have a good level of financial literacy when it comes to making decisions on the organisations finances. In this article we set out three financial metrics relevant to boards of NFP organisations. These include; Understanding sources of...

12 April 2019

One of the key changes highlighted was that under NZ IFRS 15, the recognition of work-in-progress assets (representing deferred construction and other input costs) will in most cases fall away, as the previous percentage-of-completion method of accounting is not carried over in NZ IFRS 15.

04 April 2019


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