• BDO Kerikeri - Colour Accounting

BDO Kerikeri - Colour Accounting

Date: Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Time: 9am - 4pm
BDO Kerikeri
108 Kerikeri Road
Kerikeri  0230
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Could your business benefit from better understanding financial language? Producing realistic budgets? Or understanding and meeting financial goals?

If so, BDO Northland has the solution.

Registrations are now open for our highly successful accounting training programme for non-financial managers. Colour Accounting financial training is a world renowned one-day workshop that offers insight in to financial fundamentals, in a way that’s enjoyable, fast and easy to understand.

Whatever your industry, anyone running an SME, large business or organisation understands that good financial literacy can significantly improve business performance. By improving your people’s financial literacy you can equipped your non-financial managers to make confident and informed decisions.

After just one day, workshop attendees are guaranteed to be able to:

  • Read balance sheets and income statements and understand 
    what they say about the business’s
  • Manage cash flows by understanding all the levers in the 
  • Manage a Profit & Loss statement
  • Draw up a budget
  • Improve financial controls
  • Save costs
  • Expand profit margins
  • Gain new insights into your business’s finances
  • Communicate more powerfully and avoid confusion

So who is Colour Accounting for?

Havard Business School say that Colour Accounting is “of value to anyone”. That includes managers, leaders, directors, students, employees, entrepreneurs, consultants and advisors. 

How does Colour Accounting work? 

Traditional accounting courses focus on numbers but the Colour Accounting approach explores accounting as a language. This makes it easy for learners of all abilities to understand. The Colour Accounting approach uses rapid learning techniques, diagrams and bright colours that the human brain processes much quicker than traditional methods. This means that you can achieve more in this one-day workshop than a full-semester at university.

To learn more about how a Colour Accounting workshop could benefit your business, visit our Colour Accounting page.

Or contact our Kerikeri office on 09 407 7250.