A conversation with Chris Smith, BDO Global Head of Audit & Accounting

27 March 2019

Why did Chris visit New Zealand? 

Chris recently visited New Zealand to participate as the keynote speaker at the BDO New Zealand National Audit Conference. Hosted by Mike Rondel, Audit & Assurance National Leader, Chris used the opportunity to visit BDO offices to meet with industry bodies, media, staff and clients to provide his international insights.

In the video Chris shares his thoughts on what makes BDO New Zealand an exemplar of an agile leader, quick to innovate and utilise global technology.

BDO is committed to Audit Quality

Quality is at the heart of what we do and BDO’s investment in new audit tools, particularly technology to enhance the experience of our team and clients is illustrative of that desire. We want our clients to have a high degree of comfort when they see the BDO signature on an audit report.

Technology and Innovation

New technologies come in the form of;

  1.     A Next Gen, audit engagement tool which sits in the cloud and allows us to re-think how we do audits
  2.     A new, secure global portal that allows us to interact with our clients, and operate in a consistent, high-quality manner. This extends beyond audit to include tax and advisory clients.

BDO in the global market

Lastly, Chris shares his insights on how BDO is well positioned to provide SME entities and large, international corporate clients with the unique approach and quality they are looking for.

If you have any questions regarding BDO’s approach and how we can support you get in touch with Mike to discuss.

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