Business Edge, Spring 2014

23 August 2016

BDO's newest publication Business Edge provides insights on the key issues impacting New Zealand businesses.

The Spring 2014 edition of Business Edge covers the following topics:

  • Equity Crowdfunding
    Start-ups and small to medium businesses globally are increasingly looking at ‘crowdfunding’ as a way of raising finance quickly without having to deal with the often prohibitive rigours of traditional financing...
  • Show Me the Money
    What’s your brand worth? If you’re Apple or Google (the world’s most valuable brands), it’s worth over $US100 billion – a serious amount of money by any standards. Of course, determining the precise dollar value of your brand or any other intangible asset, can be difficult. But most businesses would agree that their brand is one of their most valuable assets – if not the most valuable...
  • Shareholders Agreements
    Founders of new companies are all too often put off implementing a shareholders’ agreement with good intentions of doing it later when they have more time and more money. However, not only is it much easier, faster and cheaper to get this agreement in place at the outset rather than trying to negotiate a settlement in the event of a dispute, the process of developing it is as vital and valuable as the document itself...
  • Business Valuation
    Among the plethora of complex issues which must be negotiated in business life, there are few that are more complicated or subject to misinterpretation and confusion than a business valuation...

We hope you enjoy Business Edge, and find this range of topics informative and useful.  If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions for future articles, please feel free to email them to