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31 July 2020

New Zealand has re-opened for business whilst the destructive pandemic continues to be having an unprecedented impact on individuals, businesses and economies around the world.Building ‘Resilience’ in the current business environment to safeguard critical aspects of an organisation; and looking...

25 June 2020

Our BACK TO BUSINESS series aims to provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies as you grapple with our new economy, the fallout of COVID-19 and your business recovery.

19 May 2020

In this webinar we discuss the over subscription of Fonterra’s latest Fixed Milk Price offering and what this means for New Zealand Dairy Farmers.

12 May 2020

During this webinar we discuss the following topics, in relation to businesses in distress and insolvency: • Business turnaround options • Implications of trading while insolvent • Proposed changes to insolvency law amidst Covid19 • Business Debt Hibernation regime • New tax support for business ...

05 May 2020

Colour Accounting, the highly successful accounting training programme for non-financial managers. Watch our 50 minute recorded introductory webinar presented by accredited facilitator Justin Martin to gain a better understanding of the basics of accounting using a fun and colourful proven...

23 April 2020

 We provide a brief recap on the many recent tax changes announced as a result of COVID–19. Aside from the critically important assistance packages such as the wage subsidy, and bank finance guarantee schemes, from a tax perspective the big ticket items are:1. The proposed relief from late...

08 April 2020

Unprecedented times, unprecedented measures. Infrastructure investment to help recovery.Watch Jarrod Kerr's webinar 

07 April 2020

BDO Auckland talks to Len Thomas, Managing Director of PowerShield. Watch the video to learn about how BDO backs PowerShield.

07 April 2020

Staying connected with our clients is top priority and Wayne Lee, Head of China Advisory – Auckland had the opportunity to visit one of our clients – Jody Chang, Managing Director of World TV at his premises.

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