• Fraud Survey

The BDO Not-for-Profit Fraud Survey

The BDO Not-for-Profit Fraud Survey provides a benchmark for Not-For-Profit organisations by revealing the perception and level of fraud in the sector, examining specific incidences of fraud and what the sector is doing to best prevent and manage it.

The 2016 Survey is the sixth biennial BDO survey of its kind, building on the findings from those surveys conducted between 2004 and 2016.

The recent survey revealed two significant concerns:

  • The first was a gap in the perception of fraud amongst Not-for-Profit organisations. Most respondents identified fraud as a significant problem for the sector overall. However, few believed it was a significant problem for their own organisation.
  • The second major concern was that the overall awareness of fraud as an issue seems to have reduced since the previous survey in 2014.

BDO is committed to ensuring Not-for-Profits understand their susceptibility to fraud and educating them in the wide range of methods they can use to protect themselves into the future.

Download BDO Not-For-Profit Fraud Survey 2016 here.

New Zealand respondents view of the role of Government in managing the impact of fraud

This year we also included some questions specifically for New Zealand respondents on NZ Government agencies, including Charities Services and their perceived role in helping Not-for-Profits manage the potential impact of fraud.

Download the responses to these questions, along with an overview of survey participants here.