• Financial Fundamentals Webinar

Financial Fundamentals Webinar: #1 Balance Sheet

Date: Thursday 17th June
Time: 2-3 PM


Sam Rogatski & James Sheehan
  • Summary

BDO Christchurch understands that for today, and tomorrow, it is not just about the numbers. It is the story behind the numbers and what the numbers are telling you that counts. 

The first webinar in our free series is designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of your balance sheet so that you can make informed decisions that will help your business to not just survive but thrive in these ever-changing and challenging times.

  • Where are you… right now?  What is your financial position and can you stand any more shocks – whether good or bad?
  • How is it that profitable businesses go broke?
  • Why is solvency the ‘acid test’ to help businesses weather any storms?
  • How can you do better?  What does your balance sheet say about the value of your business and how can you maximise your value and grow?
  • How can you improve and strengthen your balance sheet?
  • What are the key financial ratios that indicate the strength of you balance sheet?  How can you understand these in order to free up your cash?

Understanding, strengthening and improving your balance sheet is key to your success.




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The team at BDO Christchurch understand that as business owners you are dealing with an environment that is constantly changing.  We also understand that the road to success is made easier with trusted advisors who will work with you to negotiate all the challenges your organisation might encounter.  To this end, we have organised several webinars designed specifically to provide you with the tools and the confidence you need to understand and make good financial decisions. 

Delivered throughout the year, our accountants will share information with you that will help you to grow your business and ultimately achieve your goals and your dreams.

Is there a particular question that you have in regard to what your accountant does or how they operate?  Please do not hesitate to contact Sam or James if you think of a topic you would like covered in a future webinar alternatively do not hesitate to ask anyone of your contacts at BDO Christchurch who are only to happen to help you to make informed decisions.