• 2021 BDO Māori Business Sector Report

Charting a new course

Date: 23 November 2021
Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Online Webinar  

  • Summary

We’ve released our third annual BDO Māori Business Sector Report, and so we can explore the findings in more detail with you, we’ll be hosting a webinar on 23 November 2021.

In the webinar, Angela Edwards, BDO Māori Business Sector Lead and Partner, Kylee Potae, Advisor Partner, BDO Gisborne, and Phillip Roth, Advisory Partner, BDO Christchurch, will take us through key insights from the report and what they see as the biggest challenges and opportunities facing Māori businesses in the coming year.

The Māori Business sector is an incredibly important part of Aotearoa’s economy and yet is not often researched. The annual BDO Māori Business Sector Report, which this year is called Whakatere Nga Rerenga Hou (Charting a New Course) offers an excellent overview of the sector and provides provides valuable insights shared by Māori businesses in Aotearoa about their current priorities, business confidence and where they feel future opportunities lie – both at home and abroad.

This year’s survey saw an increase in focus on business finances alongside traditional emphasis on happy and healthy whānau and whenua – understanding that wellbeing of people and planet can only be achieved if the business itself is successful. COVID-19 of course dominated responses, alongside current difficulties in accessing talent and the importance of ESG values, an area where Māori businesses are really leading the way.

We would love for you to attend our webinar and learn more unique insights from our Māori Business sector team to help you chart your own business’ course for the future.